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Discover Islam Podcast

Authentic Islamic Media Portal for Muslims and non-Muslims
Islamic audio, video and Holy Quran recitations

We launched Discover Islam Podcast with the hope of providing convenient media for the everyday, “on the go” individual in a mp3-driven society. Our selection consists of Reciation Quran in the native Arabic accompanied with a verse-by-verse English translation, as well as Islamic lectures and videos of prominent Islamic scholars on commonly misunderstood topics. Whether you are a Muslim looking for good quality Quranic recitations for your own learning, or someone who is curious about the most widely followed purely monotheistic faith on the planet, Discover Islam Podcast is dedicated to make knowledge available for those who seek it. We hope and pray that with the grace of Almighty Allah, we all are guided toward the truth, and we have the resolve to follow that path, wherever it may lead.

An Invitation to The Truth

The All-Knowing Supreme Creator

Allah revealed the Book (the Noble Quran) in order for us to read and mull over it with care and vigilance. The Quran exists to enrich our souls from its remembrance, to carry it and construe it in the best of manners, to affirm it and strive to establish its commands and prohibitions; to pick the fruits of its precious knowledge that leads us to Allah, and to glean the wisdom from its flowers and gardens.

For it is His Book, and nothing else, that can guide His seekers to Him. It is the path that leads the traveler to Allah. It is His brilliant Light that illuminates the darkness of uncertainty and disbelief. It is His mercy of guidance and source of happiness for all creation. It is the bridge that connects His devotee to Him when all else fails. It is the great door to Him that remains open when all else is closed. It is the straight path that is not tainted by the opinions of mortals. It is the remembrance full of wisdom that is not swayed by desires. It is the noble revelation containing wisdom that sages can never fathom. Its wonders never end, nor are its clouds barren, its signs are never exhausted, its agreements never contradict.


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