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Discover Islam Multimedia DVD (version 2.0)

This DVD was created for Muslims and Non-Muslims.Created with two goals in mind, this DVD will explain the basics of Islam, and will help clear up some of  the confusion and misinformation surrounding this peaceful religion.

It is a unique collection of videos, audios, and e-books will serve as your guide to a deeper understanding and appreciation of Islam. Along with its fresh, intuitive interface, this Multimedia DVD also contains a wealth of information and will reward the viewer with a deeper sense of purpose.

Some unique features about Discover Islam DVD are:

  • The Holy Quran in eBook format (Full Arabic Text, the most widely accepted English translation of the Holy Quran and Other languages include French and Spanish.
  • Recitation of the Holy Quran With English Translation (audio and video).
  • Islamic presentation in audio and videos in formats.
  • A comprehensive home page with audio lectures, enlightening articles in PDF format and videos with Quranic recitation.
  • Easy to navigate homepage that makes it easy to find the information you are looking for. The lack of clutter makes it easy to browse through all the articles, videos, e-books and audio.
  • All topics are categorized with detailed answers. For example, the section on "What is Islam?" has a combination of 22 videos, audio and books to help answer the question. From a brief guide to understanding Islam to the most frequently asked questions about Islam, you will find exactly what you're looking for without any hassles.
  • Easy downloading of audio and video to sync with your portable devices.
  • Designed to be easily accessible so learning can take place on the road, at home, or in the office!

This DVD is packed with information that can be viewed (Audio and Video) on many of today most popular portable devices including the iPhone, iPad, Android and Tablet PC. You can also listen on your Home/Car DVD player (Audio Only).

  • Download, play video and audio on the iPhone, iPad, Android devices and Tablet PC
  • Download, play video and audio on any mp3/mp4 compatible devices
  • Play audio on any DVD player (Car and Home)

The Discover Islam Multimedia DVD provides unique flexibility and convenience for those who are searching for information about Islam. You can learn about Islam wherever you are - on the road, at home, in the office.
In addition to the features above, you can look forward to having hundreds of your questions about Islam answered. Be ready to have your biases questioned and many Islamic myths debunked about profit and how women are treated in Islam. You be surprised to learn that there is a whole section devoted to the important role of women in Islam and how this religion has liberated so many from an oppressive past.
What you learn from this DVD will only be limited by how much time and effort you can put into it. With the hundreds of articles, audio, e-books and videos, you will find information both enlightening and surprising. At the end, you will wonder the same as everyone else that uses this DVD when you say to yourself "Why did it take me so long to learn about Islam". If you are a non-Muslim and want to learn about Islam, you can simply complete the request form.

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