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Discover Islam App for Android Phones

Discover Islam App for Android Phones Get one touch access to latest Islamic Article, Audio, Video and the Recitation

Discover Islam The portable Islamic knowledge index for your Android. Get one touch access to latest Islamic Articles, Audios, Videos and Holy Quran Recitations and share some of the great topics and wisdom with friends and family.

Taking advantage of the favorites option really allows you to personalize your discover Islam. Use it to create a play list of audio, video or Recitations. And the best thing is, once you've already added to your favorites. NO longer need a network connection to access your Favorites' contents.

• Download: Download media through the app to copy to other devices.
• Share: A list of all sharing tools (e-mail, SMS, Twitter and Facebook, etc.) to share Articles, Audio, Video and Holy Quran Recitations

Install from Android Market
Click here to download Discover Islam App for the Android, available now on the Android Market.

To Install Discover Islam App for Android from QR Code scanner
Simply point your Android phone's camera at a QR Code, and you'll automatically be taken to the site Android Market to install Download Discover Islam App.

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Spotlight, About Islam, What is Islam, Messengers of God, Islam and Women, Islamic Law and Systems, Life and the Hereafter and more

The Holy Quran Recitation with English translation, audios on understanding Islam, and more

Watch what you want, when you want on different Islamic topics

Add and manage video, audio and recitation to watch/listen later at a convenient time. Access them with or without network connection

Download video, audio and recitation and copy them on your computer or other portable devices

Send video, audio and recitation to family and friends via SMS, Bluetooth, email, Twitter and Facebook

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